Pan holds auditions for our kid’s improv quarterly. Auditions are for Pan Theater’s house team:Tuesday’s Tennis Shoes. Members of Pan’s house teams get regular performance opportunities. Teams are directed by senior Pan performers.


These are the requirements to participate in the program:

 1. Fit the current class target age range

 2. Be able to play well with others and follow directions

 3. Show up on time

Student Requirements

Age: 10 to 13

Grades: 4 to 7


 • Attend weekly troupe practice

 • Learn enthusiastically

 • Be a strong teamplayer

 • Continue to grow as an artist


Pan Theater is supported by member dues. Troupe members pay dues to support space rental,
coaching fees and related expenses. Dues for Tuesday’s Tennis Shoes is $99 per month paid monthly.

Audition Dates: April 23rd at 11am to noon.
Location: Pan Theater, 2135 Broadway, Oakland (one block from BART)
ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED use the form below to register.

Note Rehearsal Starts April 30th Rehearsals Saturdays from 11am to 1pm.


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