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Pan Theater has been offering improv classes, training and performances since February of 2002. We got started at the 21 Grand Art Space in Oakland.

If you are ready to jump start your improv Pan’s 101, 201 and performing troupes are the path. For those looking for a more casual approach or wanting more practice we recommend the Improv Dojo series. The Dojos are drop-in style and reasonably priced. We offer the Improv Dojo in Oakland and San Francisco.

Pan Theater offers classes in Oakland (the East Bay), San Francisco and in Tokyo, Japan (Shinjuku area). Pan’s style combines Spolin based theater games, Meisner Technique, long form style and our own unique training methods. Our style is organic and we strive to create improv that will make audiences laugh, cry or sit on the edge of their seats.

Our work focuses on creating live improvised theater without a script. The work is often funny, sometimes dramatic and other times - like life absurd and unpredictable.

We encourage risk taking, learning through experience, and balancing action with mindfulness (silence) and emotion. Comedy is the by product of good improv not the first focus but the result of playing to the top of your intelligence with honest emotion.

Ours style fosters humble performers that are strong team players and strong actors. Pal alumni can be found throughout the Bay Area, in Los Angeles, in NYC and also in Tokyo.

We were one of the first improv theaters to develop rules to help beginners (see the Rules of Improv I and the Rules of Improv II)


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Improv 101’


Improv 101
(2017 classes listed)

Improv 201

Improv 301

House Team Auditions

(Improv Dojo)

Improv Dojo

Drop-in class.

2018 Improv Dojo Pass
Not yet. Coming soon.

SPECIAL Oakland Classes

Improv from the heart™ Intensive
An improv workshop focusing on finding both the truth and the emotion of the scene by following. We give up the need to try to be funny or exciting and focus on finding and using what is already present.

Short Form Master Class
A special class with Pan alumni Matt McDonald. Sharpen your short form. Perform.

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