the 4th Rule of Improv

The 4th Rule of Improv, and How It Will Give You Your Improv Breakthrough

So you've taken a couple improv classes, and you've learned that there are a few guidelines that everybody tries to follow when they improvise.

Then you saw a couple shows and you notice that everyone appears to be following those "rules", but there is something different about the shows that your teachers put on and the showcase your friends invited you to and you can't quite put your finger on it.

This workshop spotlights an approach to improvisation that will allow improvisers of any level to conquer that feeling of "trying to keep up" and give any improviser with some amount of training the confidence and ability to hold their own and play with anybody.

The 4th Rule of Improv will erase the fear and mystery of how to survive in an improvisation.with anyone.

Co-taught by Joe Spence and Robert Long

Joe Spence is a graduate and former house team member of The Second City Los Angeles, iO West, ComedySportz LA,  Nerdist School, and has also studied at UCB and with Groundlings founder Gary Austin. Joe is currently a member of the teaching staff at The Playground, the only bonded young actors conservatory in Los Angeles, and has been teaching improvisers from age four to sixty four for several years and enjoys the ability of the art form to

take the artist to places they never knew they could.

Robert Long started doing improv in 1989, with ComedySportz and has trained with Second City, iO West, and the Pack Theater. His experience includes numerous troupes: shortform, longform (including the Movie, the JTS Brown, a duo and a solo show) and sketch. He earned a BFA from the California State University and completed his Master's in Education in 2004, followed by an Administrative Credential in 2014. Rob has performed and taught at the inaugural Downtown Vegas Improv Festival, San Jose Improv Festival, Improv Fest Ireland, and Tampa Bay Improv Festival, as well as performing at the San Diego Improv Festival, Orange County Improv Festival, Joshua Tree International Improv Comedy Festival, Red Rocks Improv Festival, Sacramento Improv Festival, and the California Comedy Festival. all in 2016 alone!

Rob's teaching experience includes improv workshops since 1989, contract

teaching of Theatre and English classes since 2001, and a generation of

improv performers that now permeate the industry. Rob approaches improv with the career knowledge of a teacher, improviser and actor.

Miles Stroth called Rob "A big fish in any pond." Jill Bernard said "{Rob's}

part of a group that changed the way we all looked at improv."

Saturday, March 18th 11am to 2pm

Location: 2135 Broadway, Oakland, CA
Spots: 30 |
19 spots left
Cost: $49

Refund Policy:
Workshop fee nonrefundable. Sales final.

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