AUDITIONS:  June 5th to 8th

Pan Theater auditions are for spots on Pan Theater’s house teams. Members of Pan’s house teams get weekly practice and performance opportunities. Teams are directed by senior Pan performers. Performers get opportunities to work with multiple directors. Directors rotate quarterly.


 • You want to perform on a regular basis (up to 4 times a month)

 • You want to work with a consistent group of performers (your tribe)

 • You want to grow as a performer and gain stage time

 • You want to learn by doing

 • You want to be part of a creative and fun artistic community

 • You’ve taken classes already and are excited to do improv live on stage

 • You want more fun, friends and excitement in your life


 • A strong desire to perform on a consistent basis

 • Team player

 • Humility and a willingness to learn

 • Ability to consistently attend practice

 • Openness to feedback

 • Prior short and long form improv training (Improv 101 and 201)


 • Perform a minimum of twice per month

 • Provide leadership in the Pan community

 • Able to attend practice 3 times a month (on average)


Pan Theater is supported by member dues. Troupe members pay dues to support space rental, coaching fees and related expenses. Troupe dues are $130 per month.   Pan actively recruits directors and teachers from troupe  members.

Note: the auditions are a fun and relaxed chance to do improv.


If you do not get a response in 24 hours email:

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